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T: 020 7703 9786
F: 020 7708 4189

Product Focus

Felco Bench Mounted Cutters


Mobile Grip System


Crosby Connecting Links


Kong Swivel


A part of Flint Hire & Supply Ltd. which has been established for over 30 years as a major supplier of goods to the entertainments industry. Much of the equipment used in theatres, such as ropes and pulleys, are sourced from the marine industry. We have added a selection of products based on the needs of the traditional cruising yacht. Flints are strong on varnishing and painting supplies including Epifanes products and Jenny Brushes and rollers. We are authorised distributors of Festool Power Tools, SATA spray equipment and Purdy Brushes plus we stock Liros Rope and Barton Pulleys. Flints are also a major supplier of Froth Pak spray applied polyurethane foam. Most of the products we stock have been tested by ourselves or are very highly recommended by people we trust.



Feel free to venture into the Entertainments Section of the website where you can buy all sorts of strange things! We hope that you enjoy it.








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